Frequently Ask Questions

Question: How do we ensure safety on anyone’s account downloading the assets?

Answer: This is a direct method of downloading assets with NO viruses attached. We are committed to make Roblox asset downloader a safe place to access Roblox assets.

Question: Are there any official Roblox websites?

Answer: Yes, only and sites ending with are all legit.

Question: Can I download any kinds of assets for free?

Answer: Yes, absolutely, follow the process mentioned on the homepage and its very easy process.

Paste a Roblox asset’s link that you need and download it.

Question: Why is Roblox educational?

Answer: It enables individuals to think about their own space and build or develop new creatures. It also helps in focusing so if one play continuously but not too much the concentration power would increase.

Question: Is this site legit?

Answer: 100% legit. It is absolutely legit while there are many other fake websites promising to get you assets but this you can try on your own.

Question: How much does this website cost?

Answer: It is absolutely free. Easy to access and free to download each & every asset.